Stay in Touch; Keep Informed

A successful sales department is based on knowledge – knowing who needs to be contacted, whose pipelines are full (and whose aren’t), what this month’s forecast looks like, and so on. KnowledgeSync is the means by which you can keep your staff and clients informed.

KnowledgeSync helps your sales staff by:

  • Identifying prospects who have not been contacted within the last ‘x’ days, alerting the appropriate salesperson, and scheduling a follow-up phone call in your CRM application
  • Monitoring open opportunities to see if an opportunity has had its amount, probability, or forecast close date changed – and notifying the appropriate people about these changes
  • Taking incoming leads via email or your website and loading them into your CRM database and scheduling follow-up tasks
  • Linking a client record in your CRM application with the corresponding record in your Accounting application to make sure the client is not delinquent in their payments
  • Performing “Exception Management” to monitor the integrity of your CRM data and alert your staff to incomplete records and erroneous or invalid data.