Process Monitoring = Process Management

Any organization that relies on multi-step business processes – whether it's a manufacturing job or the steps required to interview and review a new hire – knows the value of monitoring those processes. Visibility into what is happening or what is not happening, as well as bottlenecks and backlogs, is key to the efficient usage of an ERP system.

KnowledgeSync is an essential ingredient to ERP and manufacturing processes by:

  • Watching for projects and tasks that reach a certain stage and notifying the next people responsible for working on it
  • Comparing actual versus projected timelines and budgets on projects and sending alerts when acceptable variances are surpassed
  • Generating work orders, invoices, picking lists, and other Forms and Documents based on a project or job reaching a specific status
  • Monitoring for delays or bottlenecks in a process, such as too many tasks assigned to one individual and triggering alerts containing relevant status reports
  • Identifying when a job or process is complete and moving job-specific data over to a financial or sales database and notifying the appropriate clients.