Management by Exception

As organizations try to do "more with less", the one commodity than we all have far more of today than yesterday is information. We have more data sitting in more places than ever before – and the quantity of that data is growing. Rapidly.

There is no good way – and no good reason – to manually search for errors or omissions on a daily basis. What does make sense, however, is a system that makes you aware of those errors and omissions if – and when – they occur. Say hello to a system of Exception Management.

KnowledgeSync is the ideal Exception Management system; it – not you – keeps an eye on the everyday activities that take place across your organization. It – not you – looks for errors, omissions, and inconsistencies. And it – KnowledgeSync – provides you with the details of what happened – and what has to happen next – to correct the problem that occurred.

And since “exceptions” happen anytime and anywhere, KnowledgeSync includes “follow me alerting” to keep you informed wherever you are – maybe via email at work, cell phone at home, and fax when on the road.

Exception Management is like “smoke detection” for today’s business systems – it’s all about getting the right people in motion to prevent a potentially bad situation from getting worse. It’s an insurance policy . . . it’s KnowledgeSync.