Time Saver; Money Maker

There is no disputing that KnowledgeSync offers two areas of benefit to an organization using a Financial application. First, KnowledgeSync automates key processes – such as generating and delivering order confirmations, invoices, picking lists, purchase orders, and so on.

Second is KnowledgeSync's ability to monitor financial data – and make sure that you are getting paid – and are paying for – the transactions that are the life-blood of your organization.

Consider how KnowledgeSync can:

  • Automatically generate and then email, fax, or otherwise deliver an invoice in PDF or HTML format whenever a new order is placed
  • Identify items nearing their re-order level, generate a purchase order, and deliver that to the appropriate vendor (or perhaps to a manager for approval)
  • Detect when a client has overdue receivables, send them a statement, notify their salesrep, and schedule a phone call with that customer
  • Spot problems in financial data, such as duplicate orders, unapproved discounts, pricing errors, or stock that will have to be written off
  • Combine data from financial and sales systems, detect potential credit risks and move critical information from one application to the other.