Because Timing Is Everything

Nowhere within an organization is the sense of "timing" more keenly felt than within a support organization. Regardless of whether you're supporting internal users or external clients, the possibility of something – or someone – falling between the cracks can have dire results.

From a support perspective, KnowledgeSync is a "Watcher" – it watches everything from emailed support requests to service level agreements. With KnowledgeSync, a support organization can:

  • Monitor how long calls have been open and ensure that calls are responded to and resolved according to the terms of a client's SLA
  • Spot bottlenecks and help load-balance, such as when too many calls are assigned to individual reps
  • Detect and address trends, such as surges in certain types of problems or when a specific part or product results in an excessive number of calls
  • Automate the process whereby support requests received via email or the web are automatically imported into a service database, assigned, and monitored
  • Provide a "report self-service" system whereby users and clients can utilize email to request and receive status reports or other forms and documents