Exact's software brings all your different business processes together. By doing this help you to improve collaboration between departments and drive down costs at the same time.

Marketing, Sales and Services
Improving customer satisfaction and developing customer relationships are vital to boosting sales. With clear insight into your clients and their needs, businesses can ensure they offer the most appropriate service and support.

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Human Resource Management
At Exact, we know that by improving inter-departmental organization, the HR department has the time and resources they need to focus on growing staff and managing the resources they represent.

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Logistics & Supply Chain Management
With any logistical process, having up-to-date information when you need it is key to ensuring efficiency and cutting costs. Exact helps you streamline your purchasing, sales, supply chain and warehouse management and logistics.

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Planning and Production
Detailed planning can help lower costs, improve your customer service, and make it easier to optimize your manufacturing. Our software helps your business to streamline its processes, including production planning, stock control and order administration.

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Finance and Accountancy
For the finance team, knowing the status of each department is vital to ensuring the smooth running of the business. With the continual financial insight that our software provides, you can identify problems and make the right decisions.

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Project Management
For many businesses, work is delivered on a project basis, and it is vital to meet the expectations and needs of your customers. Storing your business data on a single, central platform allows staff to always have real-time project data at hand from the start of the project through to invoicing and payment.

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Reporting and Compliance
All successful businesses need a clear view of data on their performance, targets, budgets, expenses and markets. Our software assists you in collecting the right information, so that you have instant access to the most up-to-date and reliable figures.

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