Integrated Analysis, Alerts, & Workflow

The key to keeping your organization on top of all your business activities is interoperability and integration. Monitoring the activities in a single application is a good start, but what happens when critical activities occur in other business applications? And what if the events you wish to identify are based on conditions between the multiple software applications you are using?

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-class Business Activity Monitoring solution. That means KnowledgeSync integrates with all of your business applications – both individually and collectively. KnowledgeSync can, for instance, trigger an alert when a new sales opportunity is entered in a CRM application for a client on credit hold within your financial application.

KnowledgeSync sends out integrated alerts – messages that contain data not from just one application, but from multiple applications. And KnowledgeSync executes integrated Workflow, such as taking financial details out of an accounting system and moving them into a CRM system when a client gets to within 10% of their credit limit.

KnowledgeSync is the one Business Activity Monitoring solution that works across your organization.