More Than Alerts – Business Intelligence

If you think that “alerts” begins and ends with “reminders” – think again. KnowledgeSync’s monitoring capabilities provide business intelligence; insight into past, current, and future business activities that enable you to make more intelligent business decisions for your organization.

Consider trend analysis. KnowledgeSync is used to analyze sales trends to identify when clients’ monthly sales drop by at least 25% from their norm. And consider cross-application analysis, such as using KnowledgeSync to see if a new sales opportunity (entered into a CRM application) would put a client over their credit limit based on the client’s A/R balance within a financial application.

And even though conditions like these can be detected through various reporting applications, it is KnowledgeSync’s ability to do this analysis automatically – and in real time – that distinguish it from traditional analytical solutions. Business intelligence is all about delivering the right information to the right people – and at the right time. That’s the KnowledgeSync advantage.