Pre-Configured KnowledgeSync Events

To help KnowledgeSync clients & prospects get up-and-running with the application, Vineyardsoft offers (at no additional charge) collections of pre-configured KnowledgeSync events for approximately 50 popular front-office and back-office software applications.

Called “EventPaks”, these collections of events focus on the Monitoring and Alerting capabilities of KnowledgeSync but can be easily modified to also perform Form & Document delivery, Report Distribution, and Workflow actions.

EventPaks are available for products from Sage Software, Exact Software, Microsoft, and other application vendors. Additionally, Vineyardsoft partners and resellers have created additional EventPaks for specific products and industries, so please contact Vineyardsoft to see if the particular EventPak you are interested in is available.

(And if you’re a KnowledgeSync reseller, you can create your own EventPaks, encrypt them, and license them for resale to other partners and/or to KnowledgeSync clients.)
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