Form & Document Delivery / Report Distribution

KnowledgeSync embeds Crystal Reports for Form, Document, and Report delivery. If you generate invoices, statements, picking lists, work orders, dunning notices, or any other standard forms or documents, KnowledgeSync lets you automate the process whereby these forms are generated and delivered.

For example, a KnowledgeSync event can look for new orders, generate the corresponding invoices, and then email them to the appropriate clients. Another event could monitor clients who have overdue receivables, generate statements for them, and deliver those as well.

In addition to Forms and Documents, KnowledgeSync also generates and delivers analytical reports, such as forecast sales reports, stock status reports, and financial reports. These reports can be "scheduled" - such as every Monday at 9 AM - and can be "triggered" - as in "watch for any account that gets within 10% of their credit limit, and when they do, send me an A/R Aging Report for that client."

Forms, Documents, and Reports can be generated in any format (including HTML, PDF, Word, & Excel) and can be delivered to the appropriate recipients via email, fax, FTP, or web browser.