KnowledgeSync - Overview

Initially released in 1999, KnowledgeSync is the leading Business Activity Monitoring solution and has been implemented in over 8,000 organizations worldwide. Designed as an Enterprise-class solution, KnowledgeSync provides an organization with a single solution with which you can monitor and respond to important business conditions within all of your front-office and back-office software solutions.

A server-based application with an advanced client/server architecture, KnowledgeSync uses a Microsoft SQL Server database and a "multi-threaded" application design to optimize system processing and provide you with a scalable solution that can grow along with your business.

With an intuitive, wizard-driven "Event Design" module, KnowledgeSync gives users the ability to configure their own events without requiring programming expertise. At the same time, KnowledgeSync includes an advanced toolset that business partners and more technical users can employ to easily configure sophisticated workflow processes.