HRM for NetSuite


Built on NetSuite

Our solutions provides your organization a new dimension of competitiveness to your HR strategy by giving a detail level of analytics , Powerful Self Service portal and the comprehensive workflow engine for approvals! 

Key Benefits

Multi Legislation: It is an enormous task to manage a group of companies that has subsidiaries across the globe. You may have a challenge in adhering to each legislative requirement of the respective counties. Thanks to SuiteHCM’s Global Payroll and configurable structure, you could cater to all and any legislative requirement comfortably. 

Accuracy: Eliminates the chance of errors by electronically extracting employee enrollment data from your system. 

Paperless office: Say good buy to bulk employee files and piled up printed forms! With SuiteHCM you could maintain any form of information and retrieve/share at any time you need. In-built document management system would work as a virtual document shelf where you could also maintain version controls to make it more convenient for the users. The configurable Workflow Engine would help to replace any manual forms and attachments and send it through the approval flow that you wish within the organization.

Self Service Portal: Employees can be facilitated to have access to their own information such as leave balance, payslips, goals, documents etc. You could also communicate to your employees the company policies, news, company calendar, notices etc. as and when required. Through this powerful tool you can certainly improve organization communication and save time and effort.