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Strengthening our Customers

We understand the important role support plays in your business. That's why we work hard to ensure your questions and challenges are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Expert Assistance

Using a structured approach and clearly defined processes, we create a detailed plan to ensure the effective support for our solutions at your company.

Exact Premium Services

Our customers who are contracted for standard maintenance use the services of the local help desk. The help desk employees assist the customer with the use of the Exact products and give assistance on all kinds of questions related to the Exact Software. Support can be provided to customers via phone, e-mail, fax, and portal. Quick response time and good service are one of the important qualities of the local help desk.


In addition to the regular support services, a software update is also included as part of the standard maintenance.

There are customers who prefer special attention; therefore, we offer our customers Premium Services which is an add-on on top of the standard maintenance.

If you are interested in Exact Premium Services, please contact our support line +971 4 362 5151 or email us at

ORACLE Netsuite Support Silver - Gold - Platinum

The annual subscription fee for Oracle NetSuite includes support from Oracle as follows:


• SuiteAnswers - this is a searchable knowledge center of rich support articles, best practices and help topics.
• Support Online – this support type allows submitting only critical concerns.


Customers who desire to have local support have the option to subscribe to a local support service. Foresee has crafted three levels of local support services. This will give Oracle NetSuite customers the option to select the level of support and services that best suit their organization. This service will further enhance the users’ experience and aims to achieve the best utilization of the solution.


If you are interested in Oracle NetSuite Local Support, you can contact our support line +9714-3625151 or email us at